Westchester and Lower Connecticut's Messianic Center

An introduction from Pastor Don Wilkerson

We are now at a crucial time in history when increasing numbers of Jewish people are coming to Yeshua. As prophecies are miraculously fulfilled, many are realizing the significance of the Jewish people receiving their Messiah. Owing to the profound nature of this awakening, it is equally important that Churches, Pastors and believers who are not yet reaching out towards Israel and the Jewish people, do so. This move of God is something we must not ignore. Now is the appointed time to join our Lord in reconnecting His family before Messiah returns to the earth. I am privileged to be involved with Messiah’s House as they carry out this strategic ministry. They have helped cultivate my love for Israel taught to me first by my mother, but they have also given me a greater appreciation for the contribution that the Jewish people have given to my spiritual heritage. Through Messiah’s House I have learned to appreciate the celebration of the Jewish feasts and now feel more connected to our Jewish roots and heritage. They have challenged me and the Churches I am familiar with to love and pray for Israel, which I see as a unifying factor between Jews and Christians that is essential toGod.Their work is effective and produces results. They offer their hearts and souls to serve the Church so that God would be glorified and both Jews and Gentiles would be blessed and united in our Messiah. I urge you to attend their meetings and invite them to speak with you and at your Church. They are fulfilling the Father’s heart for Israel that they might be saved (Romans 10:1) and helping us in the Church to better understand Paul’s writings of Romans 11, especially for the end times. There can only be blessings in store for you! (Gen 12:3).

Don Wilkerson - Senior Board Member Messiah’s House and President of Teen Challenge

Messiah's House

The perfect place to bring your Jewish and Gentile friends

Messiah’s House has been established as a support ministry to the local Churches of Westchester, New York, and New England to provide an effective outreach for Jewish evangelism, as well as focused training in prayer, intercession, evangelism and end time theology to help the Church reconnect to Israel and more effectively reach the Jewish people in the last days.

Messiah’s House holds monthly Shabbat meetings that present the Gospel of Yeshua in a Jewish sensitive manner that is reconnected to the roots of our faith through Israel and the Jewish people.

This really helps people from a Jewish background to more easily recognize the Jewishness of the Messiah and to discover the G-d of Abraham in the New Covenant. Each month this Good News is presented through worship and teaching, either from the Messiah’s House leadership team, or through guest speakers.

As one of its main focuses, Messiah’s House celebrates all of the biblical feasts, giving opportunity for both Jewish and Gentile believers to connect more personally with their Jewish roots and heritage. Monthly Bible studies and prayer meetings are also available. These meetings are effective ways to learn more about the issues on Israel and the Church and how to pray, witness, and share your faith with Jewish people.

Our Shabbat Meetings are held at the Mount Kisco Library and we meet on the 2nd Friday of each month at 7:30 pm (unless otherwise stated via email).

Address: HARVEST TIME 1338 King St, Greenwich, CT 06831

For more information about Messiah’s House, please contact messiahs.house.ny1@gmail.com

Who We Are

The olive tree of Israel Jew and Gentile

Messiah’s House had its start when a group of intercessors in the Westchester area began to pray for Israel and the Jewish people to come into the New Covenant. We are a body of both Jewish and Gentile believers who are focused on unity between the two groups (Ephesians 2:14-18), which is also inclusive of their distinctive roles in the last days. We have entered into this New Covenant that was promised by G-d and foretold by the prophet Jeremiah (31:31-34), where His law would be written in our hearts and where we would experience true intimacy with the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel.

Messiah’s House is headed up by Grant Berry and our leadership team. Grant was also one of the leaders of the Jewish ministry at Times Messiah's House's spiritual leader Grant Berry, author of the New Covenant Prophecy and The Ezekiel Generation Square Church in the 1990’s and also managed several years of ministry outreach in the former Soviet Union with a ministry called Abraham’s Promise, which he co-founded. Abraham’s Promise brought the Gospel to thousands of Russian and Belarusian Jews. Grant is well studied on all issues related to Israel and the Church and he has written two books on the subject, The New Covenant Prophecy, a spiritual adventure into the New Covenant, and The Ezekiel Generation - The Father’s Heart for Israel and the Church.

Our Calling

Our calling, primarily, continues to be one of prayer, intercession and evangelism for the Jewish people as well as all peoples. Messiah’s House is also called to come alongside the local Church to help them reconnect to their Jewish roots and equip the Body to fulfill its G-d-given mandate, “to the Jew first…” (Romans 1:16) and to help establish community wide prayer and intercessory meetings for Israel and the Church that will break up the spiritual ground in this area and take it for our L-rd’s purposes.

Messiah’s House is also a learning ground for those who would like to learn more about Israel, the Jewish people, and the Hebraic roots of our faith. While we are truly focused on the unity of the one new man between Jew and Gentile and believe that we have total equality in the Spirit and Kingdom of G-d (John 17:23), we are also focused on the significance of both Israel’s and the Church’s unique roles in the end times in bringing both groups together and into a deeper understanding and revelation of our time in history (Isaiah 40: 1-5; Ezekiel 36, 37; Jeremiah 31:31-34; Romans 11:11-32).

How We Can Help

Teaching & Equipping

One of the ways that Messiah’s House can help bridge the gap between Jews and Gentiles is through biblical teaching of such topics as the One New Man, G-d’s purpose for Israel and the Church in the end days, the Jewish roots of our faith, and similar other related topics.

Our Senior Minister, Grant Berry, is available to teach on the subject of Israel and the Church and introduce “The Father’s Heart” teachings to the local Body. This teaching is strategic in several ways. Firstly, as it helps to bring a person closer towards Israel in the Spirit - as it allows the Holy Spirit to remove any barriers and to cleanse and prepare the heart from the Church’s past as well as towards Israel (Romans 11) and the Jewish people. Secondly, it evokes a response to G-d’s heart and plan for His people in the end days, and to help them walk more fully in our G-d given mandate to love His firstborn son Israel. Lastly, it prepares the body for such a time as this in our history.


Donate and help draw Jewish people to faith Messiah’s House is a faith based ministry and we would ask you kindly to pray about helping us with this very special ministry focus. We also want to raise funds to create outreach meetings to bring in famous Messianic singers that can help to draw the Jewish people to faith. “I will bless those who bless you” (Gen.12:3).

Messiah’s House is a 5013C Charitable organization and all donations are tax deductible. To donate, please make checks out to Messiah’s House; PO Box 855, Armonk, NY 10504